Some people spend their lives thinking that their wedding won’t be as perfect if they don’t spend an eye-watering amount but here at Perfect Wedding Outlet we ensure that your big day is still magical without the hefty price tag.

Read on to find out how you can have your dream wedding for a fraction of the usual price.

The Venue

Don’t be afraid to be different when it comes to the wedding venue! If anything, the more unusual and unorthodox your chosen place the more memorable it will be to the guests.

Places like village halls, holiday homes or even in the back garden can allow you to save money without scrimping on style. If you have room at your own home you could even turn that space into your dream venue!

Food and Drinks

You don’t have to splash out on a 3-course meal for every guest; - there are many other options for you think about when planning the food and drink.

If you’re having your wedding in the summer, why don’t you treat your guests to a BBQ? It’s a great way to feed everyone on the cheap and it complements the weather nicely.

On the other hand, if you have fussy eaters why don’t you consider a buffet? You don’t have to reserve this for the evening reception, and if any of your guests are fussy about what they eat it’s a perfect option as they can choose what they want!

Another thing that you can do is buy the drink in bulk from your local supermarket if the venue allows you to supply your own drinks. It can allow you to save hundreds which you could put towards your dream honeymoon!

And why not ask a family member or friend to bake your wedding cake? It would make things that little bit more personal too!

The Dresses

Perfect Wedding Outlet in Durham offers a wide range of dresses for everyone at a low price. We offer massive discounts of up to 75% all year round which guarantees that you’ll find something to suit you and your bridesmaids!

No appointment is needed, and we encourage all our brides to bring their family and friends to try on as many as they’d like. We believe there is no need to rush and are happy to give you any advice if you need it. 

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